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Create Your Offering

  • Add product description and photo
  • Offer multiple products and categories
  • Run campaigns with different product mix, delivery, etc
  • Full control of pricing, delivery dates, taxes and more

Track Fundraiser Sign-Ups

  • Self-service campaign setup for fundraisers
  • Track fundraisers setup progress to ensure success
  • Support tools offer great customer service
  • Prep your inventory as fundraisers sign up

Watch Sales Fly In

  • 24/7 access to view, filter and sort all orders
  • Early visibility into your fundraiser’s sales
  • Adjust inventory and offer early prep for delivery
  • Easily pre-sort orders for ease of fulfillment

Fulfill Your Orders

  • Download and export order data
  • Receive final Bulk Orders directly from nonprofit
  • Easily document special instructions, fees and more
  • Easily integrate with vendors to help fulfill orders

View Real-Time Reports

  • Easily accessible reports help manage your fundraising business
  • Real time reports for: supplier revenue, fundraiser profit & more
  • Year to year reports for comparison and record keeping
  • Get started today by reaching out via out contact form!
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