The Challenge

We were raising money the only way we knew how… the old fashioned way.

Several years ago, in a town outside of Atlanta, Jeff Glover and Jeff Jenkins found themselves, as many of you have, on a team booster club board. Staring at a negative balance sheet, the immediate goal was to organize a successful fundraiser to make sure that the team could continue operating as they had with uniforms, referees, medical emergency personnel and more.

The two settled on a mulch fundraiser that allowed the players to sell and install landscaping mulch in the surrounding community. The challenge in all this was the complexity that many of you already know about; taking accurate orders, matching checks with orders, depositing money, meeting customer expectations and so much more. It seemed that the better the team did with selling, the worse the nightmares became for the small number of volunteers that were tasked with managing the campaign. While selling mulch was a lucrative fundraiser, it was clear that something had to be done to better manage the fundraiser if it was to continue the next season.


The Opportunity

If you can’t find a better way, create one.

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After searching for a technology solution that would help drive sales and dramatically reduce the administrative burden for fundraising, the duo settled on building their own solution and thus, the kernel for TeamWorks was developed. Soon, the technology was being used in many organizations throughout the Atlanta area to help them efficiently sell products without exhausting the volunteer base. These successful fundraisers wanted to use the same technology to sell other products and requested that TeamWorks add the ability to accommodate a wide range of fundraising opportunities.

With that in mind, TeamWorks expanded the application so that groups and individuals could raise money by selling any product or service, accept donations (crowdfunding), run any type of a-Thon or create a custom fundraiser.  

Today, TeamWorks offers that same breadth of fundraising options while offering pre-built templates for each type of fundraising group.  So, if you’re a high school class needing to raise money for graduation, we’ve created that for you.

Meet the Founders

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Jeff Jenkins

A true teammate from start to finish, Jeff has a passion for using technology to jumpstart ideas and drive success no matter the challenge.

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Jeff Glover

Keeping behind-the-scenes real, Jeff brings 20+ years experience to ensure smooth operations and effortless client experience.


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