Thank you for visiting the Roswell High School Landscape Sales Website! We appreciate your support of our program by ordering your landscape products through this site. We are again selling pine straw, nuggets, and mulch that is delivered to your driveway. You can also choose to have our professional crew install it. The product remains what many of our customers called "the cleanest pine straw I've ever gotten" and we've been told that the optional installation was "worth every penny" because it made their yards look professionally done. Roswell High Lacrosse is the only fundraiser that offers installation by a full time landscape crew -- not by kids or parents. The money raised will fund field maintenance and pay for structural improvements to our facilities. A special thank you to our returning supporters. The money we raised in the Spring was used to make repairs to our grounds, scoreboard, and press box. Much of the work we did ourselves, as you can see from the pictures on this site. We hope you will take a minute and place your order with us online today. You can select from a range of delivery and installation dates that fit your landscaping schedule. By ordering you support our team and at the same time get top notch products at competitive prices. Thanks in advance for supporting Roswell Lacrosse!
- christine blake
$10,999 of $10,000 needed
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