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Our fundraising templates make it easy for you to select a fundraiser that’s best for you. Your group can sell products, provide a service, accept donations, run any a-thon, or create a custom fundraiser. Explore our templates and choose from a number of options to get started.

Fully Developed

Our templates include a customized fundraising webpage, online payment processing, editable content such as images and correspondence, social media integration and much more.  We provide you with everything you need to make fundraising a breeze.

Say Goodbye
to Paper

We make it easy to accept your supporter’s payments or donations online so you don’t have to worry about lost checks or cash.  TeamWorks will process all payments on our secure servers and promptly send money to your organization.  Let’s get started.

Fundraising Templates

Each template is ready-made with a fundraising webpage featuring unique images, messages for your supporters, payment confirmations and much more. Get started today by choosing any template and customizing it for your Group.

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Sell Products

Sell any product using our Product Fundraising Templates created from leading fundraisers. Each template is preconfigured with product images, descriptions and more.

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Accept Donations

Customize our Donation Templates and use our built-in social media and email tools to share your fundraising webpage. TeamWorks will process all of your online payments for you.

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Run Any A-Thon

We’ve packaged up the most successful a-Thon fundraisers and made them available for you to easily customize. Browse our a-Thons Templates and get started in minutes.

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Offer a Service

Offer a service to your community and get started with one of our Service Templates. Each template comes pre-configured with everything you need to get going.

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Create Any Fundraiser

If you have a unique fundraiser and don’t see a template that you’re looking for, you can easily create any fundraiser and raise more money with our built in automation features.