What is TeamWorks?

TeamWorks is an online fundraising platform that helps groups raise more money by offering pre-configured fundraisers that we call Templates.   We offer a variety of fundraiser Template types to help your group sell products, accept donations, run any a-Thon, and much more.

What exactly is a Template?

TeamWorks has created a library of Fundraising Templates based on our years of experience helping organizations raise money.  These Templates are now available for you to use with the goal of getting started quickly, with less work and using proven fundraising techniques.  Each Template includes a pre-designed fundraising webpage with images, a message, choices for your supporters to select and more.  

What type of Fundraising Templates do you offer?

Our templates include Product Sales, Donation / Crowdfunding , a-Thons, and Service Offerings

Can I automate a Fundraiser that we use each year but we’re now ready to automate?

Yes, TeamWorks enables your organization to create any fundraiser that you would like to run.  Our “create fundraiser” will step you through creating your own fundraiser and of course, we are here to help you if you need it.  

What type of Fundraisers use TeamWorks?

Any group or individual can benefit from using TeamWorks.  Successful fundraisers include Teams, Youth Organizations, Church Groups, Elementary Schools, High Schools, and more.

Why should I use TeamWorks?

You should use TeamWorks if you are ready to add the benefits of online technology to your fundraising efforts.  TeamWorks allows you to eliminate the manual steps to fundraising and leverage the scale of social media to reach supporters.

How does TeamWorks work?

TeamWorks is an online technology that offers your organization a platform to easily create a fundraising site, transact on product sales, donation, or any other fundraising type.  TeamWorks will process all transactions using our secure servers and pay your organization once your fundraiser has concluded.  

Will I need my own payment processing account set-up to use TeamWorks?

No, TeamWorks will process all payments using our secure payment processing site.  If you run a product fundraiser and use your own supplier, TeamWorks will send money to your organization and you will be responsible to pay your supplier for the cost of product(s) / service.

What type of products or services can be sold as a fundraiser using TeamWorks?

The TeamWorks platform is flexible enough to accommodate nearly any product or service based fundraiser.  The voucher feature allows your organization to sell a multitude of Services.

Does TeamWorks offer Suppliers of Fundraising products?

Yes, for many of our Product Templates, TeamWorks has a relationship with a supplier who has created an offering using our platform.   These products are part of “Campaigns” that Suppliers have ready for you to start.

Can I use a Supplier that I’ve worked with before irrespective of whether or not they are a Supplier for TeamWorks?

Yes, we offer many suppliers for you to choose from or you are encouraged to enjoy all of the benefits of TeamWorks and use your own supplier.  The system operates the same way for you as the fundraiser.

Can our group use TeamWorks for multiple fundraisers?

Yes.  Your organization can leverage the “Supporters” that purchased from you or donated to you in a previous campaign by including them in your “friends and neighbor” invites in your next campaign.  The system stores and organizes your customer information so that you can use it again.

Can I set up incentives for members?

Yes. TeamWorks has an Award feature that allows you to design and manage awards for your member's performance. Our easy point system automatically calculates and keeps up with each member's performance. We allow for any prize or Award you would like that best motivates your members.

Can I set up groups for my campaign?

Yes. For example, if a coach has a Varsity and a JV team, the manager can set up two different groups and invite members to their respective group. They will sell the same products, and the manager can track which group is selling more and how each individual is doing within a group.

What systems do I need to run TeamWorks?

TeamWorks is a web-based technology supporting the last two versions of the most popular browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and FireFox.